As simply as I can

from by Chris Rice



I've kicked out all the members of my band.
I'm doing things as simply as I can.
No longer will I be giving in to chug breakdowns and screamo shit, because that is not who I am.
I'll record songs with everyone I know and maybe occasionally play shows.
But not to roomfulls of pretentious kids who don't know what good music is
"But they bought your records!"
"Yeah, I know"
If you want to hear a song about unrequited love listen to Pink or Justin B. Because they're not up their ass with messages to consumers who don't give a shit like me.
I know you're probably listening to hear
Songs about my sadness and my fear
not the intellectual ramblings of some misanthropic fuck like me, but you won't find them here.
If you want to hear a song about unrequited love listen to me at age 16. That's back when i wore my heart on my sleeve instead of asking what all of this means.


from Conception, released August 19, 2011
Chris Rice (Guitar, Vocals, sequencing, synth, Claps)
Jared Mann (Drums, Claps)
Mike Patota (Claps, Bass)
Isaac Morin (additional vocals)

Produced by Jared Mann and Chris Rice. Recorded at the Blanketfort party mansion and in Chris Rice's bedroom.



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Chris Rice Worcester, Massachusetts

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