by Chris Rice

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This EP consists of songs originally intended for Chris Rice's upcoming full length album on Blanketfort Records. Because of a varying sound quality, volume, etc. It has ended up becoming a collection of demos for blanketfort records, "Chris Rice Presents Conception: A Blanketfort demo"


released August 19, 2011

Produced by Jared Mann and Chris Rice
2011 Blanketfort Records

Personnel: Chris Rice, Jared Mann, Isaac Morin, Ryan Jandrow, Mike Patota



all rights reserved


Chris Rice Worcester, Massachusetts

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Track Name: As simply as I can
I've kicked out all the members of my band.
I'm doing things as simply as I can.
No longer will I be giving in to chug breakdowns and screamo shit, because that is not who I am.
I'll record songs with everyone I know and maybe occasionally play shows.
But not to roomfulls of pretentious kids who don't know what good music is
"But they bought your records!"
"Yeah, I know"
If you want to hear a song about unrequited love listen to Pink or Justin B. Because they're not up their ass with messages to consumers who don't give a shit like me.
I know you're probably listening to hear
Songs about my sadness and my fear
not the intellectual ramblings of some misanthropic fuck like me, but you won't find them here.
If you want to hear a song about unrequited love listen to me at age 16. That's back when i wore my heart on my sleeve instead of asking what all of this means.
Track Name: Temporary
Everything that you once thought that you'd have time for you've put off for a few months or a few years so you could get a job at Sears. "But it's such a good offer. Dental healthcare, 40 hours" Someday soon you'll be manager, and you can live when you retire. That's of course unless you die first. Our lives are so permanently temporary, and I don't have time for this.
Track Name: Well Run Dry Part I
I guess the well's run dry
Track Name: Happy Holidays
I feel so devastated and I feel so out of place
so to cover up all these things I've done, I wear this mask upon my face. Like it's Halloween every single day.
It's so god damned depressing being a has been at my age. So I eat and drink all this time away. Can't you tell I'm gaining weight? Like it's Thanksgiving every day (but I've got noone but myself to blame)
Now I wake up on the floor. I drink to forget, then drink some more because this apathy is fucking killing me. I can barely sleep I can barely breathe. It's Saint Patrick's Day every single day. Happy Fucking Holidays.
Track Name: Well Run Dry Part II
I've got nothing to write about, there's no way that this record will sell. All I've got are a few sad songs I wrote before I dated Michelle. So maybe this Nyquil will help induce thoughts of me killing myself, so when you buy the new album you'll think it's a cry for help. But I'm happy now. Seriously, I'm happier now. But with happiness comes an empty checking account, kids ask for new albums but that well has dried out So I had to find a job and I've rejected your god. I guess that's what I'll write about.
Track Name: Valentine
So you got left behind
Would you like to join the crowd?
No one really cares about your hollow, hardened heart
Oh Pinocchio, that nose will grow
and that's why you're alone
All your lies were shown
I wish I'd known before I fell for you

I feel the spider spin
her web of numbness around my brain
Her tracks run down my spine
An arctic stream runs through my veins

Oh Valentine, you were never mine
So nevermind my resentment towards you, or reasons for killing you
A fling for the winter, a bed full of splinters
So here's your records back,
I made sure all of them were smashed
Only half the damage you did behind my back
Here's the telephone, I won't be needing one at all
'Cause if you ever call me I'd probably die of shock

I weeble-wobble hard
You better stay down this time
Always getting pushed around,
why can't you just stay down?
Oh Gepetto knows you should never go with someone made of wood
'Cause indepedence stings, you got no strings
You got no feelings
Love is just a scab you just keep picking at to keep it red while you run the risk of infection
Or lies
All the scabs you gave have all been scarred away
Although I try to keep them alive
I'll probably die of loss of blood.